The Fishing Opener

our-servicesWelcome to the lakes area all of you visitors!  I am hoping your stay is going “your way”, and that you are enjoying our community and all the things to do here.  The lines are getting wet as you read and I am hoping the walleyes (and or pan fish) are cooperating. The opening weekend buzz is always fun, and especially fun for us this year around the Gull Lake area.

It’s always quite interesting to hear where the hot bite is throughout the state, could it be here?  Might the action be just smoking hot on the new Larson pontoon that the governor will be on?  I have heard that Philip Yeh and his sister (Miss Minnesota) will be on that craft along with the governor.  Knowing this, I will say there will be some fish caught.  I say this because I know Philip and if he is put on the fish, he will catch them!  And although his sister is not a serious angler, she is the right sex (women almost always catch more fish than the guys)!  I would say it was some pretty nice recruiting that was done there by someone to help put some more fish in the toon.

I’m sure the folks who were on all of the organizing committees for the “opener” are in the “sigh stage”.  It takes a lot of people and a lot of work to do all the “stuff”, thank you to all of you. I hope all of you fishers have a great season on the water (and on land), it’s go time!  Keep the tip up, be respectful of other anglers and boaters and just remember..turkey season isn’t over yet!! Walleyedan

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