January 23, 2022

Hello! The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is on, and it is this Saturday from 12-3 on Hole-in-the-Day Bay on the north end of Gull Lake. Many people were wondering if it was going to happen this year, as the ice conditions were slow to develop. But just the other day the sheriff gave his ok! Have you bought your ticket yet? I haven’t either, but we are going to be so busy at the resort (The Quarterdeck Resort) I may take a year off. This would be only the second Extravaganza that I have missed since the start. The lake is starting to shape up and most of the slush spots are starting to get soaked up. As for ice depth, I would say there is about a 13 to 14″ average but certainly some spots that you need to stay away from. Dustin, one of our guides, and the only one that is working for us during the winter months, has been putting our people on fish. His houses are not on Gull, but they are on walleye spots and the action has been pretty decent. The morning and evening hours are usually best for catching walleyes, and whether you are jigging or using a set line, it doesn’t seem to matter much. I’m hoping to get my house out on Gull one of these days, but once again I will need to do some ice depth exploration first. That’s about all I have for now. Make sure you keep up with more of our information by following us on Walleyedan Facebook and Instagram. Have a great day and I’ll talk at you later!,