I have had Salmo baits in my tackle boxes for a number of years and they work! I first used the Salmo Hornet on MIlle Lacs with Corey Studer and he gave my wife and I the run down and showed us in person how effective these baits are at catching walleyes (and other species). I am not a big time "cranker", but when I do, Salmo is on the line. They come out of the box running true and the color schemes that Salmo has chosen are like none other. Fish eat these baits because they are the right sizes, colors and they swim like the real deal!

On my first ice fishing adventure to Lake Winnipeg, I was told by a friend and avid angler, Shawn Sprangle that the "Chubby Darter" was a must have bait. And he was right on! We caught so many walleyes (including a 14 pound er caught by Jim Pfaff) on the Chubby Darter it was unbelievable. I had always thought you needed to tip your baits but on this trip I realized that wasn't the case. The flash and the slow downward wobble are irresistible to all game fish!

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