I have been using Vexilar products for over 25 years and they are not only fish catching machines, they are the most dependable electronics I have ever used! This is the reason Vexilar has only one person working in their service department..these units flat out work! And we all know that when it comes to catching more fish, Vexilar is the name above all names (except for God). Vexilar has invented many of the ice fishing products that are so widely used in the market today, including the ice-ducer.

When you are fishing next to another person that does not own a Vexilar, they will soon be heading to their local Mills Fleet Farm to pick one up. You will out fish the “other guy/gal” 10:1 if they are without a sonar unit. Yes there are numerous manufacturers of “flashers”/”sonars” on the market these days but my choice is Vexilar because they are simple to use and very, very dependable! I will have the Sno Bear decked to the hilt with Vexilar products this winter (including their Fish Scout underwater camera). These units are also easy to install for the open water months!

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