St. Paul Ice Fishing Show

And Then Some

If you are an ice fisherman or woman, you have probably been here. Or at the very least have seen all of the posts from your “Facebook Friends”. It is certainly worth a visit to St. Paul this weekend (hours: Friday 1-8, Sat. 10-7, Sun. 9-4) to check out the latest and greatest in the ice fishing world.

I will be at the SnoBear booth #1111 tonight from 6-8 and tomorrow from 2-5, stop by and check out the awesome machines.

I’m guessing the KDrill ice auger ( display will be buzzing big time too!  I’ve said all along that this auger is going to be in the hands of almost every ice fisherman or woman before you know it. It’s extremely lightweight, it’s electric (no fumes), it opens old holes with ease, it has reverse so you no longer need to scoop out the ice shavings, it will cut approximately 20 holes through two feet of ice, and it’s the greatest ice fishing invention since the Vexilar.

As for the rest of life, my sinus crud is finally going away, thank you LORD.  And for Moose, our 6 month old Goldendoodle, he has lost his manhood and is currently roaming around with a cone over his head. Poor puppy. I still haven’t filled my MN archery deer tag (but still plan on it).

So, with a wicked, cold forecast for next week, it looks as though I better get my act together because the rest of the winter is going to be spent on the ice chasing fish and tip-ups around the lakes area. I’m thinking I will spend some time over at Mille Lacs too, should be a fun one over there! So, if you are looking to book a guided SnoBear trip please give us a call or email and we will set it up.

Gotta go!,



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