May 9, 2020 is the opener!!

To be a winner, all you have to do is catch a big walleye with one of our guides (open water or ice fishing) this next walleye season. Any lake is fair game, as long as you are being guided by one of OUR guides!

The top 7 longest (in inches) walleye’s will win cash and prizes!  The prize list will be posted on this page as we lead up to the opener (May 9, 2020).  We will also post the leader board each week with photos of the big walleye’s!  If you catch “Jingles”, there will be something extra in it for you.  If you don’t know who, or how to identify “Jingles”, look at the fish in the center of the Walleye Lotto logo!  That’s her!

Tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your coworkers, tell Grandma and Grandpa about the Walleye Lotto and we will have some serious fun with this and you might just CASH IN.

Thanks for fishing with Walleyedan’s Guide Service and good luck on the lotto!!


Leader Board

christine-tarboxChristine Tarbox 30″ walleye

Harry York with a 28 1/2″ walleye

2016-mike-pricherMike Pricher with  a 28″ walleye

Sandy Schade with a 28″ walleye

maxx-6-16Maxx Nelson – 28″ Walleye

brian-6-16Brian – 28″ Walleye

adam-6-19Adam – 27 3/4″ Walleye

lotto-jdjentgesJD Jentges holding his 27 1/2″ walleye

mike-pikeMike “Pike” McMaster – 27 1/2″ Walleye

lotto-gill-ireyGill Irey with a 27″ walleye

chris-6-16Chris — 26″ Walleye



Walleye Lotto Winners
May 9, 2015 – February 28, 2016

  • 1st Place
    Brad Varner
    $300 cash, a sweatshirt and hat.

  • lotto-brad-swanson2nd Place
    Brad Swanson
    $50.00 gift certificate, sweatshirt and hat

  • lotto-al-overline3rd Place
    Al Overline
    $50.00 gift certificate, sweatshirt and hat

  • 4th Place
    Jim Delamacher
    $50.00 gift certificate, sweatshirt and hat

  • 5th Place
    Nate Frandsen
    $50.00 gift certificate

  • 6th Place
    Mike Jensen
    $50.00 gift certificate

  • 7th Place
    Mike McMaster
    $50.00 gift certificate