Brainerd Lakes Area Fishing Report - 2013-2014  
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March 25, 2014
Good morning to you! It's is supposed to be spring, but it sure is not acting like it. The northwest sport show starts tomorrow in Minneapolis and I believe there will be a lot of people with spring fever marching down the aisles of the Minneapolis Convention Center. I will be one of them. I do enjoy all seasons and I still have the Winnipeg "itch". We just returned from the big lake where we filmed an episode of "We Love It Outdoors" with Alex Keszler and Roger Stearns. It was a good time and we caught the fish we were looking for. This fishery is quite amazing and if you get the chance, you must make the trek and drop your baits in on some of these giant greenbacks. There is still many feet of ice up there, and we needed a 20' plus extension to get through! Rattle baits, plastics, spoons, you name it, it works on Lake Winnipeg. If you are looking for a chance at the largest walleye of your life, this is the place to go! I might just possibly close the season out up there over the weekend but I am going to play that by ear. I was thinking of trying to get my 11 year old son up there to experience this fine fishery..we'll see. First thing is first and that means showing the Larson FX series of fishing boats at the sport show this week/weekend in Minneapolis. I'm sure some of you still have pan fish on the brain and that is good, have fun and good luck! It's hard for me to think pan fish right now after just fighting with some greenbacks. Turkey season is almost up on us too and then you can't forget Rainy River sturgeon and walleyes either. Hard to say how things will unfold, but at this rate we are going to have ice for a while yet. For now, it's time to take one thing at a time and I hope to see you at the Larson Boats booth this week! Enjoy the day and we'll talk to you soon! God bless you all, Walleyedan

February 20, 2014
Good morning! The next round of winter is knocking at the door and it sounds like our little melt-down is OVER! I was getting very accustomed to the awesome temperatures and was starting to think open water! Our whole Larson FX Team was thinking open yesterday as we had our annual plant tour and team meeting. Thanks Jimmy Bell for putting this together, it was awesomely informative and we can't wait to see our new Larson FX fishing boats. They will be rigged and ready for the Governors Fishing Opener on Gull Lake in May! Actually well before that. We are hoping to get them on the Rainy River so we can jig up some walleye's and horse in some sturgeon. Speaking of, have you been tuning in to "We Love It! Outdoors"? You can catch the latest shows on the tube or if you have missed them, go to www.weloveitoutdoors.com. The show is on many of the Fox affiliates as well as the Pursuit network and Tuff TV! Well, I best get going, I have a guide trip this afternoon and it's time to check some other things off the list. Blessings to all of you and GO USA HOCKEY...and BRAINERD HOCKEY! Walleyedan

January 27, 2014
Good morning! It's cold, in fact school is cancelled once again here in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is in the books for 2014! A man from Pequot Lakes caught a .39 perch in the hole right next to me (in about 60 feet of water), but I could not get a fish to bite. Not many fish were caught period, but another local (from Nisswa) caught a walleye that was almost 5 pounds and he was the grand prize winner!! Fishing in general has been pretty tough and I will blame it on the wicked cold fronts that have been moving in and out of the area. I have open water on the brain and I am getting excited to order my new Larson FX fishing boat. I think I am going to order a 2020 wheel boat this year, so if any of you are interested in buying it at the end of the season please let me know. I am excited to see what this season brings for both Larson and Walleyedan's Guide Service. And of course "We Love It! Outdoors"! Things have been going very well and I am thankful to all of you followers and customers. If you would like to keep up to date, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. If you can't wait for spring to come, book a guided trip out of the Sno Bear or a fish house today by calling 218-839-5598. If you want to try to forget about winter, come on down to the Minneapolis Boat Show and check out the line of Larson FX fishing boats. I'll see you there!, Walleyedan

December 23, 2013
Good morning and Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!! Winter is definitely here in central MN. I think it's about 7 or 10 below zero right now and I have cold feet in my house (no not my fish house). The ice is getting better with each passing day and the fishing has been pretty darn good too! The walleyes were sure biting the other night. I had Fred and Tammy out in the Sno Bear and Fred put the hurt on them! A jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head was really working as were the tip-ups tipped with golden shiners. We were set-up in 19 feet of water and also caught fish a few feet shallower and a few feet deeper. They were just biting!! Last night I was out with the kids and we caught a couple (and a northern) and also missed some. I think it's going to be a good winter for fishing. Nick and Dustin do have their fish houses out and are renting them, let us know if you have any interest in a guided trip or if you would like to talk with one of these guys regarding renting a house. The new season of "We Love It! Outdoors" unofficially starts tonight at 6:00 on Fox Sports North! Tune into this one, it's the Extravaganza show!! Thanks for checking in people, I hope you are all doing well. Stay warm, catch fish, shoot roosters, be merry and remember the reason we are celebrating this AWESOME holiday!! Thanks Lord for sending your only Son down here for us! Enjoy today, WD

November 21, 2013
Good morning! It's been a while, but I am still here and all is swell! Fall turned to winter this morning here in central Minnesota, in fact there are flurries falling as I write you. The Larson is being winterized today at CC Boatworks of Cross Lake, MN and the Sno Bear is starting to get some attention! Deer season is still ON, and I am preparing for an awesome opportunity on some awesome property here in central MN. We will be hunting with Bruce Hudalla and his company next Saturday and I am looking forward to my first ever muzzle loader hunt. I have been shooting it (CVA Optima) and starting to get the hang of it. The kids had some opportunities during the rifle season but no shots were fired here at Camp Eigen. The open water season ended with a BANG, the walleye fishing was awesome and I am hoping that we can experience the same type of bite at early ice. I will be planning on guiding out of the Sno Bear once again this winter and we will also be running some fish house rentals. I hope all of you are doing well and I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! The new season of We Love It Outdoors will be airing around the 1st of the year, so make sure to tune in. You will love it!, Walleyedan

October 28, 2013

Things are happening on the lakes (the walleye's have been biting) and things are about to start happening in the whitetail woods too! The "chase" phase is my favorite time to be on stand and typically around these parts of central MN, it starts now! I am just coming off a two week adventure in the woods and mountains. First it was deer in WI and then elk in Idaho, both were enjoyable but no meat is hanging on the pole! I still have the Larson FX 2020 ready and willing in the garage, and I think I will try and get out another time or two before it gets put to bed! The guiding season was a really good one and I want to thank all of you customers and all of our guides (regular and fill-in). We are thankful to have had another fantastic season and we are already preparing for next open water season! But, before that, it's time to grease up the Sno Bear and make a plan for the hard water season. I hope all of you have enjoyed watching the 2013 episodes of We Love It Outdoors, if you haven't watched, go to www.weloveitoutdoors.com or find them right here on Walleyedan.com. Well, I must get crackin on the "Honey Do" list and I guess that means I will have to talk with you later! You can call though...or email...or Facebook..or Tweet...or write! Enjoy the rut, Walleyedan

October 4, 2013
The wind is howling and the rain is moving its way north, perfect! Not. I guess it is if you are a duck hunter and actually if you are a hard core fisherman/woman it can be good to. But, we are putting on our 1st annual Fishing To End Hunger tournament tomorrow morning at Bar Harbor Supper Club on Gull Lake and it sounds like we will have a walleye chop and some moisture! Rain coats (good ones) and bibs will be pretty essential as will your stamina. It's hard enough fishing all day, but mix in this interesting weather system and you will be ready for bed early Saturday night! I almost forgot, there are a lot of contractors fishing this tournament, their not wimps that is for sure. Bottom line, dress VERY appropriately and be ready to grind it out on the Gull Lake Chain tomorrow. A number of the Gull Lake walleyes have shifted into their fall mode and we are finding them all over the board as far as depth. As deep as 45 and shallow as the weed line. Minnows are hard to come by! Stop on your way up and see what you can find. I have been jigging with rainbow chubs, but the big fish will be eating big right now so a creek chub or red tail chub may just be the answer to the $10,000.00 1st place check!! When the tournament is finished, it's the "other" whitetail time..the mammal with antlers!! Looking forward to some stand time in the bluff country of Buffalo County WI. www.BluffBucks.net, check them out!! October rocks, so get out there and rock something!, Walleyedan


September 19, 2013
Goofy weather!! Maybe we are being rewarded for such a brutal spring, I am not sure. Fishing has been a bit sporadic and it is soon to get a lot better (that is my hope)! Time will tell of course. I have been on Gull, Round and Whitefish this week and Whitefish was by far the best! Gull was brutal, Round was o.k. and Whitefish was good. The moon may have something to do with the tough bite, but I also believe that a person must move until you find hungry fish. There is so much bait it the lake right now, so it is important to find a school that is not gorged! The fish are starting to set-up in deeper water and some are starting to "go" (bite). This is the time of year where you can pile them up on a jig and minnow! I like a 1/4 or 3/8 ounce Fireball or VMC (can't remember the name) with the stinger hook eye! I am going to head out tonight (something I rarely do) and night fish with Randy Hruska. It's going to be nice and relaxing because I am getting picked up this time! We are using Randy's boat and all I have to do is bring rods and bait (maybe rain gear too). This starts my favorite time of year and it's time to start packing everything into the schedule, and it's not always so easy. Especially with the days getting shorter. Congrats to my brother John, who harvested a 6X6 bull elk yesterday with his bow and arrow in the mountains of Idaho (where he has been living for the past 10 years or so). October 5th is right around the corner and there is still room and time for you to enter the Fishing To End Hunger walleye tournament on Gull Lake! Go to www.fishingtoendhunger.com! Big prizes, big money and a great charity!!! Out of here, Walleyedan

September 11, 2013
Good morning! Things are good and busy, I hope you are doing well on your end. The forecasters are saying the temperature is going to drop very soon (like tomorrow) and this is what is going to get those walleyes all riled-up. Once again, the problem with this time of year is that it does not last long enough and there are WAY too many things are person can do in the outdoors. Then there are the soccer games and tennis matches and speaking engagements and such! Life is busy, but we have been blessed. The new year of "We Love It! Outdoors" will be airing after the first of the year and you can find out details on the new website at www.weloveitoutdoors.com. One of the other exciting things happening soon is our Fishing To End Hunger walleye tournament that will be held on October 5th at Bar Harbor Supper Club on the Gull Lake Chain. This is going to be a great event that is going to raise some serious cash for kids. If you would like to donate and enter, go to www.fishingtoendhunger.org. A couple more things, we had a blast at Youth Waterfowl Day up on Thief Lake. Grant, Carlie and Jared had a blast and it was really fun hanging out with these 3, 13 year olds. This WLIO show will air sometime after the first of the year. Last but not least, please give us a call if you are interested in booking a guided open water or ice fishing trip or if you are interested in purchasing one of our 3 2013 Larson FX fishing boats! Enjoy the day, Walleyedan p.s. Pray for those that are mourning on this special day 9/11/2013.

July 31, 2013
Fishing has been good! Not quite sure with this weather, it feels more like September and it seems that the walleye's think it is. We have been fishing Gull and Whitefish and both have been putting out some nice catches. Gull was on fire the other night as I had out Andre, Jim, Jacques and Griffin. We could do no wrong as the fish were eating our red tail chubs every time we would send it down to the depths! We are finding the fish on a number of different spots and mainly around the 12-19 foot zone. Jigs and minnows and rigs and red tails. Our guides have been really busy and it is advisable to give us a ring about a week or two out if possible (218-839-5598). The We Love It Outdoors crew has been having a blast too. In fact we have been in Holmen, WI and St. Cloud, MN shooting guns and while we were in WI, we also chunked for muskies on the Wisconsin River. Fun stuff and we are moving forward with some exciting shows to come. Make sure you check us out on Facebook at Walleyedan and We Love It Outdoors!! Also, big news!!! We are putting on a walleye tournament in October!! October 5th is the date, Bar Harbor is the place and there are huge prizes and big money on the line. Go to Fishing To End Hunger on Facebook to see details and entry. Have a great day, Walleyedan

June 21, 2013
Summer is here around midnight I do believe and the warm temperatures have finally arrived. This has been a goofy beginning of the 2013 open water season but things are shaping up and the fish are starting to cooperate. We have been fishing many of our area lakes and the bite has been pretty decent (most days). The other day we were fishing on the Gull Lake Chain and found a mixed bag of fish casting Gulp Alive on a jig head in 6-10 feet of water. The walleyes are also being found on some of the points in 14-17 feet. Red tail chubs are my favorite bait, but at $12.95 a dozen it might be time to find a different go to bait! Our guides have been doing trips at a pretty steady rate and the calendar is going to get a lot busier in the next couple of weeks. The new FX series of Larson Boats that we are running this year have been fantastic and keep in mind that there will be 3 of them for sale this fall. We also have the new Harris Flote Bote pontoon on the water and this is one heck of a craft too, we will be doing fishing trips, cruises and parties. Call Shelley to book your trip at 218-839-5598. We just received a new order of Walleyedan t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats. We have some nice colors and styles for men, women and children. Keep tabs on us here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Good night, Walleyedan

May 28, 2013
We are catching walleye's, northerns, bass, crappies, rock bass and we also witnessed a 2.5 hour carp fight the other day on the Gull Lake Chain. That was something that was quite interesting! The weather is gloomy today and the "bite" actually picked up as the morning went on. Jigs and minnows are working but so are the rigs and minnows. Shiners are the preferred bait of choice, but Gulp Alive and other artificial baits are putting fish in the boat too. The water temperature still has not warmed up much and the fish are still moving through the channel's on Gull Lake and on the Whitefish Chain. The crappie action is hit and miss, it will pick up if we can crank up the water temperature a degree or 3!! The bass action is pretty good too. This next week should be pretty darn good for the multi-species fisherman/woman. The Minnesota Teen Challenge, Fishing Challenge is this Saturday and I will be fishing with my daughter Alex on Gull Lake, we are going to fish for whatever bites, hopefully something does. The fish we are catching are mainly males, but we did see two fish caught today over 25 inches (one was with our group, the other was from a fisherman off the pier). If you are interested in the latest report or if you would like to book a trip, call Shelley at 218-839-5598. Or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Out of here, Walleyedan

April 8, 2013
The snow is melting..finally! This winter has really been a real bear, but I think we are finally coming out of hibernation and things are all going to happen at once. Rainy river walleye's, sturgeon, LOW pike on tip-ups, turkey season and then on into open water around our neck of the woods here in central MN. Shelley's grandma passed the other day and we know that she is with her Creator today, she was a women of great faith and read the bible through the Bible 14 times! See you later grandma. We will be heading to Sioux Falls, SD to bury her later this week. The "We Love It! Outdoors" televison program was a great success this first year and we are now filming for 2014. We have some pretty cool episodes planned for the upcoming year and hopefully you have had a chance to tune in. The show is now national and you can find it on the Pursuit network. It's on FSN throughout the midwest and the comments are coming in more regularly now. Thanks for all the positivity and general feedback. If you have missed any or all of the shows, click on the "watch now" button on our home page and you will get to see all the shows (minus the commercials). Our fishing guide service is getting prepared for another busy year and we are excited to have at least 3 new Larson FX series boats in our line-up! My new rig will be coming off the assembly line any day now and I am very excited to see how it looks and feels!! If you would like to book a guided fishing trip, call Shelley today and we will get you on the calendar. 218-839-5598.

Have a great week,

March 7, 2013
We are going to "spring ahead" this weekend for daylight savings time and this definitely signals the coming of spring. You really wouldn't know it by looking around, but the suns rays are getting stronger and I can feel the change coming after a long winter. We are looking forward to the new Larson boats hitting the production line and eventually getting all "wrapped up" and ready for the exciting 2014 open water season. The plans have been laid for the 2014 filming schedule and we have some pretty exciting trips planned. I hope you have been able to watch some of the shows on FSN (Monday's at 6:30 here in MN) or on this site right here, just click the "We Love It! Outdoors" tab on the front page and watch some cool TV. We still have about 3 feet of ice under the foot or so snow. The Sno Bear is on the trailer waiting for the next trip! (the last trip was really slow..but that is going to change really soon). I am heading to perch country with the Hoglund Bus Service crew next week after I spend some days on the Mills Fleet Farm turkey tour! And then we plan on finishing up the winter season on Lake of the Woods, chasing some big fish through the ice! We are also booking open water trips (almost daily now), so gather your crew and dates and call Shelley at 218-839-5598. Enjoy today....Walleyedan p.s. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and you will get the latest lowdown!

February 18, 2013
Good morning! It's really nice this morning, but I'm afraid it's the calm before the storm. Sounds like another cold front is going to push on in and bring an inch or two of snow. We were supposed to fish with the Nisswa 4th graders tomorrow but I think we will wait until Thursday now because of the cold air and wind that is supposed to be here. Busy, busy...just returned late last night from the U of M aquatics center where Elizabeth swam in the YMCA state meet. Saturday I fished a couple of different trips and one of which was with Mitch and the gang! Mitch is wheelchair bound and it was really neat to see her get up in the Sno Bear and come with! We caught a northern, some sunnies and perch. The Vexilar, Scout underwater camera provided some serious entertainment. Not sure if you saw the big walleye, but I think it's still on our Walleyedan Facebook page. I caught it on the bay of Green Bay while fishing with Brian Sticka (Mills Fleet Farm fishing buyer) and the rest of our filming crew. We had joined up with Dale Strochein and Aaron Pribyl of the Wacky Walleye Guide Service. This was another really good trip. We caught a lot of whitefish and saw some lunker walleyes come through the ice too. This is the last week of the walleye/northern/bass season around these parts, which means winter is winding down. Time for pan fish, Lake of the Woods or Winnipeg walleyes, let me know if you are interested! And then it won't be long before we are on the Rainy River catching sturgeon and walleyes. Call if you are interested in booking a guided trip up there this spring. For now, I must be on my way. Don't forget to tune in tonight to "We Love It! Outdoors" as we go after the Wisconsin large mouth bass with Mark Fisher of Rapala! Have a nice week, Walleyedan

January 30, 2013
The cold air has decided to visit us once again! We are going to stay in the single digits today and get colder..for only a couple of days (I hope!). I guess it makes for some good ice though. And as I say that, I immediately think of our friend Jim Hudson who drown last weekend on Lake Superior. He was a superior person and his wife, Hannah can use all the prayers we have. We will miss your smiling face Jim, let us all try to learn from you how to live with a uplifting spirit!

The fishing on Gull Lake has been pretty good. We continue to catch walleyes and northerns along the edges of some of the larger mid-lake flats! Tip-ups are putting some fish on the ice, but the largest fish from last week came off of a jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head. Chad Jackson was the angler and his 2nd walleye ever was a beautiful 26 incher! I have been seeing more northerns in Gull Lake this winter and it keeps things active watching tip-ups as we do a little jigging from the Sno Bear!

One of the best looking new lures on the market is the Salmo Zipper, I will have one tied on my line very soon in hopes of bagging "Jingles" before the season is over. I hope you have been enjoying our new television show "We Love It! Outdoors", it's on the regional Fox networks and you will have to check out your TV Guide to find the time and channel in your area! Next week I believe is the trip to Mille Lacs with Al Lindner (a must watch!!). If you miss the shows, you can go to our website and watch! Have a great day and keep the tip up!, Walleyedan

January 15, 2013
Good morning from Gull Lake (actually just across the street), where we made some more ice again last night. The contest is a go and the conditions are looking really good. If things don't change a whole lot, you are going to want to make sure you pick up some ice creepers. Otherwise it will be tough moving around on the lake without slipping and falling. We lost most of our snow last week when the heat wave moved in. I would say that on average there is 18 inches of ice and travel has been easy thus far. Fishing has been just ok.

When the big day arrives out there at Hole In The Day Bay, Gull Lake, here are some tips:

  1. Dress warm and wear boot warmers

  2. Leather choppers are the way to go for keeping your fingers warm

  3. Bring a chisel to open your hole the morning of the event

  4. Pack light (rod and reel, tip-up, tackle box and bait)

  5. Pray (and please include me)!

  6. Have fun and realize the monies are all going to charitable organizations.

If you need absolutely anything, you will find it at Mills Fleet Farm and we will be in there on Friday to say hello. Don't be scared if you see some tv cameras, we are going to be filming an episode of "We Love It Outdoors", presented by Mills Fleet Farm. I just returned last evening from Kenora, Ontario where I was trying to connect with a wolf! I had great chance at about 250 yards and failed to hit. The hunt was not like anything I had ever done before, we used deer and moose carcass' to bring them in. Lots of man hours and one sighting, it was still an awesome experience in the beautiful region of northwest Ontario. Thanks Gussy and good luck on the FLW bass tour! Time to get the kids off to school, Walleyedan

January 4, 2013
Good morning from Lake Shore, MN! We have been making ice up here in central Minnesota but now we are going to get a little reprieve. The temperature should be perfect for the next Vikings win over at Lambeau on Saturday night. I have been on the ice quite a bit and the fishing has been pretty good. The Sno Bear has been awesome and I am looking forward to many more adventures throughout the 2013 ice season. If you are interested in booking a trip, give us a ring and we will set you up. We are also renting fish houses this season and Nick Miltimore has been running this part of the business. He has been putting some nice fish on the ice!! The new "We Love It! Outdoors" television show, presented by Mills Fleet Farm is airing on Monday January 7th on FSN at 6:30 p.m.. Please tune in, you will get some good laughs and learn some things. Enjoy today and God bless you all!, Walleyedan

December 21, 2012
The ice is growing! It got down to about 1 degree last night in Lake Shore, MN. I was last on the ice Wednesday evening and we had about 6 inches, I would guess we are close to 8 by now. I have been out only a couple of times and have caught walleyes on each outing. But, I haven't had one of those "wow" nights yet! I am doing my first pay trip of the winter tomorrow morning and I am hoping to put Greg and his buddy on the "spot". The Sno Bear is decked out with all the Vexilar electronics, St. Croix Rods and gear a person could ever imagine. Now I just need to have the confidence to travel at will with the Sno Bear. We are getting really close but I am going to do my best not to push it! Safety first. Both Nick Miltimore and myself will be guiding this winter, Nick will also be renting fish houses. If you are interested in getting out on the ice in search of some dinner and maybe even a trophy, give us a ring at 218-839-5598. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!! Walleyedan p.s. I am hosting a new television show ("We Love It!" Outdoors) that is presented my Mills Fleet Farm. The premier will be on January 5th at 6:30 on Fox Sports North and after that it will be on Monday's..same time. You will love it..I invite you to check it out!

December 3, 2012
Good, foggy morning from Lake Shore, MN.  It is 40 plus degrees and it looks like the grass is getting green.  Is this spring?  Not quite sure what is happening, but I can tell you that there are a lot of people ready to ice fish.  And a number that have already been out doing it!  I just returned last night from the St. Paul Ice Show and each of the 3 days was busy.  I spent most of my time at the Sno Bear booth which was visited non-stop throughout the weekend.  I am going to be running a Sno Bear again this winter for our guide service here in the Brainerd Lakes Area and beyond.  The machine is going into Action Graphics this morning to get prettier.  This incredible ice fishing machine will be decked to the hilt with Vexilar electronics, St. Croix Rods and all the other necessities and ready to hit the ice as soon as winter decides to settle in.  I did talk with a two guys that hit the ice this weekend, one on Red Lake and the other on Leech.  Howie and his brother caught a limit of walleyes on Saturday morning on Red and Gary caught some walleyes and perch on Leech Lake.  I have not been out here in the Brainerd area but there have been people out there doing it!  Gull Lake is wide open and I would guess there might be some people thinking about heading out today in the boat.  Strange weather but I guess we are getting used to this weird stuff.  Take it a day at a time and if you are interested in booking a guided Sno Bear trip, give us a call.  We will be renting fish houses this winter as well and Nick Miltimore (one of our guides) will be taking this on and eventually living on the ice for the winter.  Have a nice week and think ice!  p.s.  Gift certificates are available here and they make a great gift!  God bless, Walleyedan 

November 6, 2012
My vote has been cast and so has Shelley's! Now let's just wait and see what kind of surprises we might be in store for. Doesn't this election seem a little weirder than the others? Not sure what it is but I guess the bottom line is that we should be done hearing all the "crap" in the media and seeing all the signs all over creation. It's a gloomy day up here in Lake Shore, MN and the deer season is in full-swing! I have been sitting with the kids more than I have been sitting by myself, I guess that is the course where life is taking me right now. Mac is fidgety but still has patience to sit for a couple hours here and there. He did get the blood pressure up on opening morning when we had a heavy-footed deer in pretty close. The only look we have had though was from about 80 yards and I was pretty certain it had headgear. Elizabeth is a little more still on stand but her only outing was deer less. I think the population near our home is down considerably. I have seen a few bucks but no big fellas yet! I have a few more days to get on the MNBIGBUCK winners list. I am not a quitter so I will not be throwing in the towel yet, tonight might be the night! Or tomorrow!! I still have the Larson in the garage and ready for action, I might go out in search of "Jingles" one more time before I head to Wisconsin for the firearms season. Hey, are any of you interested in my Triton tiller? It was the one with the Fleet Farm wrap and I am now selling it! $28,000.00 for an awesome walleye boat, any takers? 218-839-5598. Enjoy this election day and I hope you voted for who I voted for :)!!, Walleyedan

October 24, 2012
Good morning to you! It is a deery, fishy looking morning but here I am hacking away at the keyboard. I am legal as of today to hunt deer with my bow and arrow and I will be really focusing on that in the next 10 days! These are the days for the serious deer hunter, things are starting to really happen in the woods and this is where we need to be. By the way, have you bought your ticket for the Minnesota Big Buck Challenge? Go check it out, I think you will like your chances of winning big prizes (www.mnbigbuck.com). We are continuing to film episodes for "We Love It! Outdoors" and things are going quite well. We have a few left on the docket but the shows that we have captured are going to be really good (my opinion). This show will air first quarter of 2013 and the show is owned and presented by Mills Fleet Farm! My daughter Elizabeth and I were just out in Akaska, SD shooting a pheasant/walleye show with Chad Schilling of Oahe Wings and Walleyes guide service. If you want to meet some nice folks and see some awesome countryside, Google them and you will have a blast! Chad is an amzing guy and right now he is fishing the FLW championship. He was angler of the year on the FLW Walleye Tour! His family is awesome too, I cannot say enough about their set-up and lifestyle out there..I love it. The week before that we were in Devils Lake, ND with Jason Mitchell and that was a great time too. Jason is another solid individual that works his tail off to see his customers have a fun, successful hunt (or fish). We had mallards almost landing on us. So, that's a little recap of the last couple of weeks, now it's time to do some computer work and get the garge cleaned up so I feel at peace in my tree as the rut approaches. Have a great day and pray!!, Walleyedan

October 8, 2012
Good morning! It is Monday but I'm feeling fine, I hope that you are as well. The fish have been biting and we are right smack dab in the middle of my favorite season of all. The weather has been a little on the cool side but we learn to live with drastic changes around these parts. The leaves are pretty much history and now comes the time for me to spend some time in the tree in hopes of getting close to a nice buck! I was out at Camp Ripley with the Disabled Veterans as well as a number of deployed service men last week during a "special" deer hunt. I sat with Mike Mills and Bob Larson, Mike was the "shooter" but did not pull the trigger. Mike learned the hard way in this "filming" deal, things need to be right before you are able to capture the moment. This event will go down as one of the most memorbale for me, it was a pleasure and honor to spend a couple of days with these men that have served and or are currently serving our country and protecting our freedoms. God bless you guys and gals! I am not sure if you have seen the video clip of Al Lindner and myself landing the GIANT musky of Mille Lacs but if you have not, go to our Dan Eigen/Walleyedan Facebook page and check out the video clip! Miraculous is my description, check it out for yourself. This week it's ducks and I am looking forward to cracking a few green beans out of the skies of North Dakota! Have a great week and thank you for reading. God bless, Walleyedan

August 19
, 2012
Wow, what a busy stretch of time.....here, there and everywhere! We have been fishing a lot and the "bite" is getting better and better as we move towards September. The walleye fishing has been good on the Whitefish Chain and now Gull is showing us some good fish too. No monsters, just eaters thus far. We are catching them shallow yet but they will start to slide out as the shallows cool off and the bait starts to move out. It is going to be one busy fall! I was down at Larson Boats 100th anniversary celebration yesterday and will be there again today. What an awesome display of history, present and future!! Tomorrow it is down to Carver to the new Mills Fleet Farm store, can't wait to check that baby out and do a little shopping. I have heard it is a sweet set up. "We Love It Outdoors" is taking shape and we will be filming a number of shows in the next few months, with a few awesome shows in the can already. Keep tabs on us here or on Facebook and we will keep you posted on the "happenings"! Thank you for reading our report and have a great day!, Walleyedan

July 24, 2012
Yesterday was one of those days, the fish were going nuts! No, not just walleyes. I picked up 4 gentleman yesterday on Upper Whitefish and we were so busy for the first two hours that I almost couldn't handle it. Fish everywhere, cut lines, missed fish, two in the net at the same time on two different occasions......craziness!! We were live bait rigging in 18-23 feet using red tail chubs. All days aren't like this, but this time of year when you fish a weedline the action can be pretty darn good. The pike up on the Whitefish Chain can be a pain annoying but yesterday Joe wanted to keep a bunch for a fish fry and I think more people need to do this. Gull Lake has been producing fish too! The consistent walleye "bite" has not started yet, I would say we are a week or two out. Today the Hanson's are on the docket and they are always a blast to spend the day with, hopefully we won't have to head to the basshole too early. The new Larson FX has been an awesome boat and it is now officially broken in and ready for all the action we can handle. Please keep checking back with us here or on Facebook and we will try to deliver you and breaking news! Have a blessed day!, Walleyedan

June 28, 2012

The last couple of days have showed signs of a Gull Lake walleye bite! 9 yesterday and 5 today along with some northerns and bass, things are starting to look good. Today the fish were relating tight to the weed edge (14.5 feet) and the red tail chub was the ticket! North Long has been pretty good and The Whitefish Chain is always a good place to wet your line this time of year! Mille Lacs is still going too. If you really want to have some fun, check out the salmon fishing in Door County, WI.. We stayed in Sturgeon Bay and fished at Gills Rock as well as Sturgeon Bay. We were filming for Mills Fleet Farm's "We Love It! Outdoors". Everything from zip lining to geo caching to shopping, eating and fishing. The new show will be airing during the first quarter of 2013. If you are looking for a guided fishing trip, call Shelley and book your trip today! 218-839-5598 Happy Independence Day!

May 23, 2012

Good morning. It's been a while since I have given you the "report", so here you are! The last couple of weeks have been spent both on the water and in the woods. We continue to try and get Mac a shot at a gobbler with his bow and arrow..this has not been easy but we are also not giving in! Yesterday we were out and the highlight of the day was seeing a large black bear lumbering along a woodline and into the swamp. Really cool. We also came up on a hen turkey that must have been on her nest, as we spooked her out of the grass she gave us the wonded turkey trick as she watched us leave the scene. We did see a long beard but he has seen about every trick in the book and it is going to take something special to bag that bugger. Like I said, were not done yet! I have a tag left too. I finished out the day with Kim and Mike Hippert on Round Lake and we only caught a couple of northerns and a bass, pretty tough trip. We had been doing well on Round but I'm thinking it is more of a morning and evening bite! Today is a day of "catch-up" as this has been a busy stretch! Thanks for the rain God! Walleyedan

May 3, 2012

Wow! Are things ever happening. Opener is 9 days away? No way!! I need more hours in the day or I need to become more efficient, I guess I will try to focus on the latter. I have been out a couple of times chasing crappies and it was just mediocre. Things will get better in the crappie department once the weather decides to be a little more consistent. For now, I would suggest fishing with crappie minnows and a jig. And a Puddle Jumper on a jig head when the fish are active! Mills Fleet Farm is stocked to the hilt with fishing and hunting supplies. We have really been focusing on the gobblers and have now raised the average to .500. Cody score on Sunday by bagging a big Tom and then yesterday it was Noah Fransen with his first ever turkey (a nice Jake). It doesn't get more exciting than that! We are going to be filming my son Mac on his turkey hunt next week and he is hoping to bag one with his bow and arrow, this will more than likely be very interesting. The guide calendar is starting to fill-in nicely and I would suggest calling and booking your trip today. 218-839-5598. Please keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube! Enjoy today and try to get outdoors..it's nice out! Time to get organized, or at least try!, Walleyedan

April 5, 2012

It's a sunny day here in Lake Shore, MN and this make me happy!  We need rain rather desperately but it sure does feel good to bask in the sun for a couple of days.  The gobblers are strutting, the crappies are biting and I am pecking away at the "to do" list and things are feeling pretty darn good.  I made the Mills Fleet farm turkey seminar circuit tour last week and that got me primed for the upcoming turkey season.  I got to talk with a lot of customers and employees at a few stores that I don't frequent a lot and that was pretty cool.  I was also able to walk the hill road at the Walters farm down in Lake City, MN, which has a pretty special place in my heart.  I say my first gobblers in full strut the other night here around town and now I am getting text messages and other reports of people seeing our beautiful bird out and about.  The turkey season opens up on April 18th and you can bet I will have one of the kids in position to bag one on that morning.  If you are interested in trying this sport, please talk to someone about it.  With kids here in Minnesota being able to go in and get a tag over the counter, it's a great opportunity to get your kids or the neighbor kids out into the woods to "talk turkey"!  Mills Fleet Farm is "my store", so I suggest you stop at one of the many locations throughout the upper mid west and check out the turkey regulations in your neck of the woods.  As you can hear, turkey's are at the forefront of my mind but we will throw fishing into the mix here too.  They are talking about the possibilities of moving the fishing opener up a week and I don't know why they wouldn't.  The crappies are already on the feed and so are the sun fish and perch.  These are all fair game right now and if you would like to get out with a guide, please call and book your trip today!  218-839-5598.  FYI, we did make a trip up to the rainy river in late March and had a blast.  We caught a lot of walleyes and also a couple of sturgeon.  This is something you can still get in on if you have the desire.  I have so much to talk about but I don't want to overwhelm you, so head over to Walleyedan on Facebook and "like us" and you will find more info and also chances to win gifts.  Like right now, check it out.  Out of here, WD

March 21, 2012

Hola Amigos! Mexico was awesome and I could hang out down there for an extended period of time each February without too much persuasion.  I did wet a line but didn't get too serious, it was really windy anyway so I probably would have puked if I were to have went out to sea!  It sure was nice to come back to this "Mexico like" weather here in central Minnesota.  After the inch plus of rain we received the other night, things are budding and getting green and the ice is almost out.  The 371 bay on North Long is out and the channels by Bar Harbor will soon be out too.  Crazy weather but I really like it!  Ticks are going to be nasty and I ask that you take serious caution with these little devils....Lymes disease is a killer and you do not want to deal with it.  With turkey season fast approaching I would suggest you get into your local Mills Fleet farm and pick up some Elimitick clothing, this stuff really works.  The other way to deter them is by spraying your clothing with Permethrin, I have heard this works well too.  Bottom line is that they are worse than ever and you need to be aware.  If you really don't care about turkey hunting, I'm sad for you but fishing season is upon us already!  The Rainy River is open for action and we will take you up there for some awesome walleye action if you are interested.  The walleye and sturgeon fishing up on the Rainy is "world class" and if you have the itch, give Shelley a call and we will arrange to get you up there and on the fish.  We could make a day trip or a multiple day trip, just give us the word.  The other fishing option is going to be pan fish.  Crappie fishing is going to start early (like right now) and will go strong through opening day of walleye (May 12th).  Our guides want to fish and would love to get an early start on the season.  Nick Miltamore (who will be doing a bit more guiding with us in 2012) is up on the Rainy right now and I am contemplating right now on whether or not to head that way.  I will be giving turkey seminars next week in Mason City, IA, Rochester, MN, Winona, MN and Owatonna, MN..  If you are wondering which location on which date, give me a call or send me a message on Facebook or via email.  We are very excited with the happenings in our business for this coming year and we will be sharing that with you very soon.  For now, the shrink wrap will be coming off the boat and the batteries will be getting charged.  So much going on, it feels like I am writing you a book.  Goodbye for now and make sure to stop by your local Mills Fleet Farm for all your sporting goods needs (and more)!  God bless, Walleyedan 218-839-5598  p.s.  Like us on Facebook and we will like it!   

March 5, 2012

Good morning.  The chickadees are chowing down and I will say the crappies, sunny's and perch are too.  I could very well be wrong but being a fisherman and hunter I am always (almost) optimistic and when the game is active, I like it!  I just fed pretty well and hour or so ago too but could still eat the right thing if it showed up on the counter.  O.k., enough of that.  I was last out on the ice on Friday with the Pillager High School students and a couple of teachers.  We played some catch with the football, had a serious snowball fight, caught some sunny's (bluegills to many of you) and couple of hammer handles (tiny pike to some of you and little northerns to others).  I think the late-ice bite is going to be good and I am looking forward to some "slaps"!  Some slaps of the crappies and sunfish and maybe a lake trout or two on that bare ice!  Now that permanent houses have to be off the ice around the Brainerd area, it's Clam time!  I have a variety of Clam portable fish houses but this time of year I really like my Scout TC.  The hub-style houses are super easy to use and practical too (the Summet Thermal is awesome).  It's also that time of year to lay down on the ice and observe the underwater world with your own, God-give two eyeballs.  This is a blast, just don't get too light-headed you might not be able to get back up!  That's the tip of the day.  Hey, are you starting to think and talk turkey?  Me too, I even have a diaphragm call in my truck for those road-trips where I am solo.  Practice makes purrrfect!  I think I am a little buzzed from my Hershey bar (thanks Grandma Grenz) so I better say good bye to you and hello to the rest of my duties for the day!  Have a beauty day and give thanks to He who gave it.  WD  p.s.  If you are looking for the goods at a great price make sure you shop the store I know best..Mills Fleet Farm!

February 15, 2011

Good morning to you!  It's a fresh looking one here in the lake area, we finally got a little fresher-upper last night (about an inch of fluff snow).  But I don't think it is going to last because the forecast looks pretty warm (what's new right?).  For the 21st year in a row I fished the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Gull Lake and for the 21st year in a row I have not been on the leader board.  We had 6 participants in our group and had no biters!  Fun day but a cold start that was for sure.  I hear their were 8,000 people that made the trek to Hole-in-the-Day Bay for the worlds largest ice fishing contest.  Thank you all that participated!  Had a few renters out in the fish houses this weekend and have been doing some guided trips along the way too.  Last week I had Jim and Mike out from AIS, this guys are world class fishermen and are even better now that they have been introduced to the easiest sell in the fishing world...a Vexilar!   I watched the Brainerd Warrior hockey team play Moorhead last night, very good game but the score did not show how close it could have really been.  Maybe next time Moorhead.  So, it is mid-February what does a person do here in our great state of Minnesota?  Ice fish!  There are still 12 days remaining in the walleye/northern season and then it is pan fish time!  It's also time to prepare for the wild turkey season which will open up on April 18.  I will be traveling to a number of different Mills Fleet Farm stores to do turkey seminars and look forward to visiting a couple stores that I have not stepped foot in (Rochester, MN for sure).  Well, I better sign out and get on with this hump day.  I hope you day is blessed with awesomeness!  Walleyedan  p.s.  Make sure to "like" Walleyedan on Facebook if you like us! 

February 2, 2012

Good morning to you and happy Groundhogs Day!   The mild winter continues here in central Minnesota.  It's been nice but weird.  We have good ice for the most part and with the mild temperatures it sure makes for some comfortable fishing.  We are still catching walleyes, some perch and some northerns on the northwest portion of Gull Lake.  Last weekend we had some action in the overnight houses but the action still seems to be best in the morning and evening hours.  But now with a waxing moon, maybe things will change.  My daughter Alex and 3 of her girlfriends stayed over night last weekend  and caught some walleyes.  The fish have been relating to the weed lines all season long and I think this is how things are going to finish up for the season.  Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoons and Rapala Jigging Shad Raps continue to be our baits of choice!   I think it's about time to make a move for the remainder of the season and I think I am going to work a little closer to Ernie's so our customers can stop and get a quick bite or something to drink.  The Extravaganza is fast approaching (next Saturday) and the excitement is starting to mount.  I will be busy, spending some time at the pre-party at GVL and then at Mills Fleet Farm in Baxter representing MFF and Clam Outdoors.  On Saturday it sounds like we will have some cameras around as a crew from Los Angeles will be filming a documentary on the Extravaganza.  So I guess they will get our winning fish on film, that will be cool!  I'm off to the ice this afternoon on a guided trip and then the Catco crew will be moving in tomorrow for the weekend.  We are getting some black Walleydan fleece beanies in any day so if you want to purchase one, give a holler!  Gotta fly, Walleyedan   

January 23, 2012

Snow!  We just got blasted by about 2 inches of powder, not sure if we can handle it.  It sure does brighten things up a little around here and hopefully there will be more to come.  I just dropped the kids off at the shuttle and noticed the game was on the move this a.m., should have been fishing!  Looks like some deer made it through the season (I counted about 10).  Maybe they are concerned that their nuts (and other snacks) are going to get covered up!  The winter has been mild by Minnesota standards and the forecast is calling for some awesome weather for the middle of this week, come up and fish.  I will admit this has been pretty easy to take but as for the economic impact, it's not the greatest.  We are still getting people out on the ice but it's pretty easy to see that people are not venturing far from home so far this winter.  The ice conditions are improving big time and now with some snow, we might just kick some but with what is left of the winter of 2012.  We have about 16 inches of ice for those of you wondering about the upcoming Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza.  The event has been rescheduled for February 11th and we should be in good shape for that day!  Tickets can be purchased at Mills Fleet Farm and of course while you are in there pick up  your Clam portable fish house, Ice Armor goods and all you other outdoor goods.  I slept out in the fish house Saturday night with my son and it was enjoyable.  We caught a handful of walleyes but Mac missed a big one on the rattle reel...twice!!  He's learning and I had to learn patience once again (especially after having to untangle the pile of line).  Have you seen the new Polaris Ranger?  This baby is something else and the tracks will more than likely be going on this week!  Check them out at the Power Lodge on highway 371 north (just north of Baxter).  O.k., that is the scoop for now.  If you want to know more, call, email, Facebook or Twitter or You Tube us!  I must go now, Walleyedan 218-839-5598   

January 10, 2012

Good morning and happy birthday Perry Bunting!  I hope you are all doing better than I am, the crud (head/chest/ache) hit me pretty hard last Friday and I am still feeling the affects.  I did fish on Sunday evening with a friend because it was one of those evenings that was hard to pass up.  The fishing was good for the short amount of time we were out and the moon was awesome!  We have still been catching walleyes on Gull Lake but once again it's an evening thing.  A Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoon tipped with a minnow head has been our favorite as of late but the Jigging Shad Rap is rigged and ready too.  We are still working the edges of our favorite Gull Lake structure and it always seems to be best when you can be the first one to drill on a "spot".  The ice conditions are holding up just fine and today will be the last warm day for a while.  I truly believe that we will have enough ice for the Extravaganza (January 21st) to be held on Gull Lake.  The forecast looks promising and I guess we will just have to see what Sheriff Dahl measures up over on Hole-in-the-Day Bay as he will be one of the people that "make the call".  There are still some areas of concern but not near the site of the big contest.  I will continue posting reports here and also on our Facebook Page, so keep in touch and we will try to clue you in.  As many of you know, Mills Fleet Farm is "my store" and I will plan on being at the Baxter store most of the day on Friday before the contest.  Please stop in and pick up your supplies and say hello.  I almost forgot, turkey applications are due by January 13th!  Apply today for one of the most fun hunts on earth and check out the new zones!  I feel like there is more to talk about but I feel like crud and that is about all I have in me right now.  Walleyedan p.s.  The new Polaris Ranger crew cab is a beast and is an awesome ice fishing machine!  For guided ice fishing trips call us today at 218-839-5598         

January 4, 2012

Hello and happy new year to you and you and you!!!  What an awesome sunrise over Gull Lake this a.m.!  The questions of the year so far are regarding the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza.  I honestly believe we will be in good shape for the the big day (January 21, 2012).  I will be on the lake a little later today to give an accurate, up to date ice report but if I were to guess I would say we are at 12 inches.  The next few days are going to be nice and above freezing for daytime highs but then it will back down again and we should be good to go.  The fishing has been pretty steady and I think with the waxing moon, we should have a great weekend on the ice.  I have been doing a fair amount of ice trips and it's been fun.  We also have a new work machine that is absolutely a dream, it's a Polaris Ranger crew cab.  Head over to our Waleyedan Facebook page and you will see a photo of it pulling our ice house.  It's perfect, my Clam Scout TC fits perfectly in the back and there are even rod holders to keep those Jigging Shad Raps from tangling up!  I will be putting this machine to use a lot now that we have good ice in the hood!  Warning!!!  I did not mention that there are some iffy spots on the lakes.  In fact, there has been open water out in front of Sandy Beach Resort on Gull Lake and it sounds like the same is true for Mille Lacs and parts of the Whitefish Chain.  It's very advisable to go with someone that has a clue on the conditions.  For now, I must go but feel free to call, email, text or Facebook us for the latest fishing report and conditions.  Bye for now, Walleyedan 218-839-5598

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