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Gull Lake is a special lake to me, I have fished it for about 30 years. During the last 20 years I have spent countless hours ice fishing and open water fishing. As of late, most of these hours have been spent with guiding clients. In the early days of my Gull Lake fishing career, the days were spent with my family, but as I grew older and eventually moved to the area that would change. I will never forget one of my first Gull Lake trips with my dad and brother. We rented a boat from a resort in the channels and found our way to Dutchmans Bluff, where Marv Koep had told us to go with a northwest wind.
This trip was one for the memory book and one that I recall quite often. We were fishing during the early summer when both my dad and I hooked into big fish. My dad’s fish seemed to come to the surface pretty fast and we all were amazed by the size of the fish. We landed it as I was still fighting mine. I was tired and recall resting my rod and reel (Johnson Century) on the gunnell, just as I did that the fish took another run and broke my line. We did get a good look at the walleye and it was bigger than my dad’s (his weighed just under 9 pounds). I cried. And I’m pretty sure my brother made fun of me. But that was also the day I got “hooked” on fishing this incredible walleye factory.
These days things are quite different, but it still amazes me that a lake that sees such great fishing pressure continues to flourish and produce nice fish year after year. My memories of this lake are many and I am pretty sure that I could write a book about all of the different things I have encountered and or caught. In my early years of guiding, I spent a lot of my time fishing not too far from the Quarterdeck Resort which is located on the west side of the lake. I’ll never forget the 13 pound eelpout that I caught through the ice and that would eventually end up on the buffet line at the annual V.I.P dinner in April. The Quarterdeck staff placed a card by the pout and cheese and cracker spread that read “Minnesota Pig Pout” caught by Dan Eigen. That was pretty cool, and I think they put an apple in its’ mouth. I caught that one in about 45 feet of water and I thought I had the walleye of all walleye’s.
Another ice memory of Gull Lake was on Christmas Day when we had a wicked wind storm. There was only about 5 or 6 inches of ice and there was absolutely no snow on the lake. After Christmas dinner, I told the crew that I had to go out on the ice and check on my fish houses (I was renting houses). The wind had to be gusting up to 45 mph and I could not stand straight up without getting blown over. I more less crawled about a ½ mile out to my houses so I could secure them. As I was walking/crawling out to the houses, I had other houses whistling by me and I could hear ice dippers and buckets blowing all over. I was able to secure my houses, and the next day most of the houses were blown over to the east side of the lake. I could go on and on, but I will have to stop and talk to you about it later on. O.K., I’m sure some of you are wondering what my biggest walleye is from Gull lake. It was a 33 ½ inch bruiser that I caught on the Hayfield back in 1997, it weighed 12 pounds 1 ounce. I was guiding a guy by the name of Jerry from Marietta, Georgia and I’m sure he thought I was a real freak show by the way I reacted to my biggest walleye ever!

Take care and good “skill” fishing,
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