Big Game Hunting

The whitetail deer is an awesome animal. I have been hunting/studying the whitetail for many years and with all of the hours I have put logged in the woods, this animal still amazes me. Their senses (hearing, sight and smell) are phenomenal and in order to consistently get close to these animals a person must play it smart, very smart. The wind is a huge factor and thus stand placement becomes critical. Trying to be as scent-free as possible is key. I will start by trying to eat right during the hunting season so I don't have nasty toxins wafting out over my hunting area. Taco Bell fire sauce is my favorite, but I won't use it during deer season. No-scent soap, Scent Killer by Wildlife Research is a must and clothing that has been hanging on the line for weeks is also very key. I will put my clothes in a Scent-Safe travel bag by Hunter's Specialties. I also wear Scent Killer deodorant and brush my teeth with Scent-A-Way toothpaste. I forgot, before I line dry my hunting clothes, they are washed with Scent Killer clothing wash! I do wear rubber boots and make sure not to work up a sweat on my way to stand. I am an archery hunter and I do whatever I can do to try and eliminate scent and give me better odds of getting close to the whitetail of my dreams. This buck was taken last fall in central Minnesota and even though I am a husband, father of 3, business owner, avid turkey hunter and many other "things" I am always studying the whitetail. A couple of weeks ago one studied my grill (of my truck) a little too long. This will happen and it is another reason to keep hunting.
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